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…one of Raila’s #10MillionStrong Supporters Speaks Out from Nandi, HERE are their Concerns

By Jared Sang
Good morning wanaNASA, I am from Nandi County. For those of us from rift Valley there’s one fact that residents shy away from. Around 2011/2 brookside dairies bought all milk processors Except KCC. Since then they have literally been taking milk from farmers at their price dictates.
The government has shown little interest in revival of KCC due to conflict of interest considering the ownership of brookside. Small scale dairy farmers have been left to hawk milk and our refuge has been western and nyanza. The same can be said of Maize farmers.
Maize issue is just corruption being camouflaged in all manner of excuses, for starters., we have a strategic grain reserve of 8 million bags at NCPB. Why would a government be enthusiastic in supporting foreign farmers and neglecting our own? Farmers in our bread basket are a frustrated lot. What became of the kshs 10 billion fertilizer factory. Loans by AFC are given to large scale well connected farmers. I personally witnessed a farmer who in 2013/4 season was advanced a loan to grow 6000 acres of Maize. The same farmer imported 100,000 bags of Maize from South Africa delivered to NCPB Moi’s bridge silos, was promptly paid while ordinary folk were issued with delivery notes which they discounted at equity bank at a fee further reducing their earnings.
The point is the economic interest of the kalenjin nation is more protected when people West of the rift come together. In 2014 governors from this region mooted the idea but as always good ideas in Kenya never see the light of day because it threatens the status quo. Nasa should refine and repackage this idea of economic liberation of the kalenjin nation with Western and nyanza. Forgive my use of “kalenjin nation” am not a tribalist but for lack a better way to define the rift Valley geopolitics. Ladies and gentlemen let’s get our country back from these marauding buccaneers.
I am from Marsabit and would like to urge Kenyans that as we go to sleep tonight, let’s have a non partisan dream. Galana irrigation scheme was started using 7.2billion shillings from Israel. Despite Israelis being some of the best irrigation engineers, they recommended overhead irrigation with pivot system a clearly wasteful system and very expensive on a non high value crop; Maize. The same system provides a very humid micro climate that breed bacterial and fungal plant diseases. (Never mind) Then go ahead to harvest 2 bags per acre. Then coincidentally there is a shortage of MAIZE and we let is sting Kenyans. Maize from mexico drop from heaven like manna at our Kenyan docks. We send the CS to receive the maize. This is after passing a zero tax motion on maize importation. Some crooks have the government by the b*lls.
As a Maasai I really don’t understand why Jubilee still thinks the Maa Nation will vote for Jubilee? Samburu County is not a battle ground for God’s sake!!! Just a few weeks ago, cows belonging to the Maa (Samburus) were killed by bullets and ran over by huge trucks bursting their bellies making beautiful calves-to-be to pop out. A No No. You need to listen to Hon. Lempurkel speaking in Samburu during a rally in Narok.
Thank God it has been raining and most parts of Marsabit have received good rains. The dry spell won’t affect the voter turnout on 8/8. We will mobilize people to come out and vote in large numbers.
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