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“It was misunderstanding” King Kaka absolves himself from blame and apologizes to Eddy Kenzo after publicly bashing him

A few days ago, King Kaka went HAM on Ugandan dancehall superstar Eddy Kenzo bashing him how he wasn’t qualified. The Kenyan rapper has since eaten the humble pie.
Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) named Eddy Kenzo as its brand ambassador and Kenyan musicians couldn’t take it – they openly expressed their dissatisfaction by KTB’s decision to choose a foreigner over them.
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King Kaka
King Kaka in particular took KTB’s decision personally; he attacked Eddy Kenzo on various platforms saying that the Ugandan wasn’t qualified for the post.
“Ati Eddy Kenzo who is Ugandan is The Kenya Tourism Ambassador, acha tungoje Beyonce akuje aimbe National anthem yetu. Let me grab my popcorns this is a movie a very funny movie. Ufala. Si wapatie Nameless ama Wyre ama Mkenya random kwa streets. How about the whole Rugby Team who have been doing soo much to raise our flag high, I am sure ata hajui independence yetu Ni lini ata nimeenda mbali, ata colours za flag yetu. Ufala. Kesho kesho Vice President atatolewa Zimbabwe,” King Kaka bashed Eddy Kenzo in one of his posts.
Well, the Kenyan rapper has decided to apologize to Eddy Kenzo, reason being? He was misled by bloggers into attacking the Ugandan artiste.
Eddy Kenzo
“Congratulations to Eddy Kenzo on his new partnership with The Kenya Tourism Board. Actually the misunderstanding came with the title from bloggers , the campaign that Eddy Kenzo is headlining is titled #TugendeKenya which means lets to go to Kenya (if my Luganda serves me right) it’s telling Ugandans to come to Kenya to Explore (which to me that has more economic gain to Kenya as a Country ) I deeply apologize for my earlier post which I have taken down. Yoh Eddy Tugende Kenya and Asante Kenya Tourism Board on this partnership,” King Kaka wrote on Facebook.

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