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HOW Smart Kenyans BUSTED Uhuru Jubilee PANTS DOWN on Mexico Maizee Scandal

By N Oduma
On the Mexico maize Scandle……
Kenyans are very clever, within a few minutes, they had managed to;
~obtain the Ship route path manifest, which forced the government to change its story from the ship coming directly from Mexico, to it coming from South Africa, which is also a total lie, based on the route path.
~they had managed to calculate the 30,000 tonnes and ascertained that a bag was bought at ksh. 20,000. Total rip off/day light robbery without violence.
~They had managed to smoke out the Mexican Ambassador who denied any governments knowledge of the deal, of which again the Kenyan government changed its story,since Mexico imports its maize from USA.
~To prove that indeed kenyans don’t forget, they remembered the chinese government’s donation to Kenya, of the same quantity, meaning the Jubilee government was planning to steal over 10 billion of taxpayers money. (By claiming to have bought the same donated maize, then selling the same to millers at a throw away price, and forcing them to reduce prices)

Now the government has changed its story, they are claiming the maize was imported by private millers from sometime last year and stored in South Africa, But how was this possible having in mind that until recently, there was a ban on maize importation??
why should the government send its officials to receive goods imported by private millers??
It means to me that the government should send a Cabinet Secretary to Mombasa receive my cheap toyota import from Japan because its will be helping a Kenyan easen transport problems, they should be sending a Permanent Secretary every time a Kenyan imports a cheap TV from Dubai, because it will be helping a poor Kenyan to receive information and entertainment fast, they should send the Deputy President to receive a container full of cheap imported lead ridden cancer causing phones from China, because the will be easing the mode of communication amongst the hoi poloi at a cheap price.
You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. we have no option but to send these thieves home come august this year. They have stolen until even the corrupt feel stolen from, we cannot give them another day to steal again from us.
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